The Alphabet – Poster


I started the process by researching different possibilities I have for my poster based on the material I have used for my letters. Since the material I used for my letters was medicinal plants, I thought of themes such as traditional medicine, old houses, old stores, etc.


1. People from different villages and the different ways they use medicinal plants such as the containers they use, the technique, etc. This theme could be an approach for my poster where I can create the scene of how people in villages prepare the medicinal plants.

2. I also searched for different tools that can be found in stores such as, oil, tea, the thingie they use for crushing the medicine, the bags for the medicines, etc. However, I wasn’t really sure about this theme (and the one before) because it was very simple and straightforward. So, I decided to research more and find other approaches.

3. Another theme that I was thinking of was creating a scene of how medicinal used to involve in traditional doctor’s workplace. So this idea would include things such as medicine related books (specifically middle eastern ones), different old maps they used for the human body, etc.



Starting with the poster, the first thing I researched was the different possibilities that I could use for my background.  So the backgrounds I found that would be related to these themes were wood, rusty metal, mud wall, and jute fabric.

The wood, rusty metal, and jute fabric backgrounds would be for the first and second theme, and the mud wall would be for old houses. The mud wall was the most interesting one for me because I liked a texture and also it was nostalgic to me. After talking to my professors about my ideas, I chose the theme nostalgic for my poster. I was super excited about this theme because I was feeling very personal for me.

Final Word:

I decided to use the word ساخارین (saakhaareen) which is the Persian word for saccharine. The reason I chose this word was that the taste of the medicinal plants are usually super bitter and I wanted to use a word that is the opposite of that.


The ideas I had in mind for quotes were simple and straightforward. I searched for Hafez, Rumi, and Sohrab Sepehri’s poetries where they mention the word sweetness and they were usually related to life and happiness.

Initial Idea:

As my first sketch, I decided to make the scene of my grandmother’s house. However, because of the amount of work I had, I wasn’t able to take a proper picture of a mud wall. So instead, I printed a mud wall’s picture in large size and I pinned it in PAPR studio which had good lighting. I tried to fake a shelf by putting a stand underneath a tablecloth. I chose a tablecloth with Persian patterns on it to make the scene closer to my culture. I also used an old crusher which grandmother used to use to crush the medicinal plants. To make the wall look like a wall, I was thinking of attaching an old frame with an old picture related to the scene.

Second Idea:

Since I wasn’t able to take a proper picture of a mud wall with all my stuff around it, I decided to change the direction of my poster. Thinking of what to make was the most frustrating part of this project and that made me not even try new stuff. So, I decided to throw out all the ideas I already had (not ALL) and I opened Pinterest to check for inspiration and I chose the first idea that came to my mind and I started making a sketch of it. If I go back in time I wouldn’t even make a sketch and I would just start making because I realized that im more open to new possibilities when I don’t have a plan.

The idea I had for the second sketch was recreating the scene that my grandmother used to prepare the medicines for us. I was very excited about this idea. I like involving people in my work and I feel like that gives it value, life, and energy. The first thing I did was to take a picture of a person with chador from the top angle to see how it would look on the scene I had in mind. I also used a picture of a Ghashghaei rug in my sketch.

The problem I had with this picture was the size of the word which did not make sense. I was thinking of making a bigger word to make it look better in the actual photo (dumb).

Final Sketch:

After getting feedback from my professor, I realized that showing the whole body of the person is not a good idea because it’s competing with the word and the word should be the hook. So what I could do is that I could crop the person and only show her hands while she is preparing the medicines. That would also solve the problem with my word because I couldnt have to make a giant word.


Preparing the set was super fun! I found a perfect rug for my set and I was able to find all the tools I wanted. I chose the crusher. but for the container, I wasn’t sure what to use to make the scene look more nostalgic. I was thinking of the containers that they use to boil the water for medicine and I was also thinking of using an old ceramic container. I also used an abaya because I didn’t have a chador.

When I prepared my set, I realized that my word is still small compared to the size of the person. So, I tried taking pictures of the rug and the word separately, with the same angle and the same lighting and use photoshop to fake it. At first, the pedals looked bigger than the pedals in the container so I made the person and the carpet bigger until I got the right size. when I got everything right, I added my name and a quote from Interstellar movie. When I printed the poster it was very dark. Also, I used glossy paper which was very bad since my poster is very detailed and the reflection was too distracting.


For the second time of printing, I made the picture lighter. Also, I made the texts a little bit transparent to make it feel like its a part of the scene.

I printed again and it was still dark. So I made it super bright and also I increased the contrast and when it printed it looked very nice and bright.

Experiments with Text:

After getting feedback, I realized that having the quote in the center is not nice because of the placement of it. Also, making the text transparent made it hard to read. So I made the whole text white to make it clear. I tried the transparent box for my quote but I wasn’t really happy with it.

Also, I decided to change the placement of my name. I tried putting it outside the carpet (did the same with the quote) but because of the busy background, it was very disturbing. So, I decided to put it next to the hand.

I also tried having the text in blue color under the word. It was something new that I didn’t try before and I liked it.

I also tried splitting the text because it was very long. But nah! It looks bad.

Final Poster:

Im kind of happy with the final result, although I think there are still things that I can change about my poster. In general, I think making the word as the hook of my poster was successful. I learned a lot about how to put type on a poster and its hierarchy, as well as the composition of the objects around it.



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