The Alphabet – Week 3

Laser Cutter:

To begin with my final letters, I decided to use black foam board because the uncovered areas would seem like a shadow. I laser cut the letters.


I used 7 different materials with different colors. Some of them are medicine with a very bitter taste and some of them are teas. At first, I wanted to stick my material in order like a rainbow and have a transition between them. However, I decided to randomly choose the order of the colors because in stores they don’t really put the medicines in order and they are usually put randomly. Also, I didn’t really like the idea of having a transition which was a better idea because I ended up making fewer letters.

Final Alphabets:

Making the alphabets was a very fun process and through this process, I didn’t doubt my idea at all. However, towards the end, I felt like I haven’t challenged myself enough through this project and I could produce much better-looking work. Despite all these thoughts I tried to end my project as well as possible.

For the background, I used jute fabric because its the material shopkeepers usually use to keep the medicines inside.

Through the process of making the letters, I learned more about the letters and space around and between them. For this particular typeface, I realized that the space between the dots and the body of the letters are very large. The size of the dots changes depending on where it is used. For example, in the letter چ, the dots are much smaller so they can fit in the letter.

A little bit about how I cheated, for the letter چ, I lost the dots so I ended up adding the dots using photoshop. Also for the letter ژ, I forgot to take the picture and when I realized that it was too late. So again, I added the dots using photoshop.



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