The Alphabet – Week 2


New Sketches:

I chose a food (Zereshk Polo) and dessert (Gaz) from my list because in my head they looked interesting.

For Gaz, I was thinking of using the actual dessert and shape it into the letter i want. but I think it would get sticky and I wouldn’t be able to control the shape of it. so I thought of using clay as an alternative material. Clay was the right choice because it also had the color I needed. I also added some flour to make it more realistic.

For Zereshk Polo, I used puffed rice instead of normal rice and I mixed some of it with turmeric to make it look like saffron rice (because saffron is expensive af and Im broke af). I also used dried Zereshk.

Second Research and Experiments:

Shahnameh: Previously, I’ve done some experiment with text on transparent papers and it was very interesting for me. So, I decided to use some pages from Shahnameh and overlapped them and I stuck them on some letters. I didn’t like the result because it wasn’t as transparent as I wanted it to be and also the quality of the pages weren’t that good.

Final Material:

Medicinal Plants: I decided to use medicinal plants as my final material for the letters. Because it looks interesting when I stick them to my letters and also I have different kinds of them in different colors which would be interesting. I used foam board for the base of these letters and it was very challenging to cut using a cutter, so I decided to use a laser cutter for my final letters.


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