The Alphabet – Week 1


Printing Words:



  1. Crushed crayon – Glue (to make it shiny)
  2. Crushed chalk – Sand paper
  3. Pencil shaving – Jute
  4. Magazine collage – Wax (candle)









I tried to do some research and find some Iranian elements that I can use for my project. I tried to first focus on food, drinks, sweets, etc.

  1. Saffron and cardamom which are common spices in Iran, Rosewater, pistachio, and figs, and dried rose petals.
  2. Pomegranate and watermelon which are symbolic fruits in Iran, Zereshk polo, and kabab.
  3. Gaz, Shole zard, kolucheh, faloodeh, sohan which are common sweets and desserts, nabat saffroni which are used to make tea sweet instead of normal sugar.

Among all these elements, I have found, Im mostly interested in using, dried rose petals, saffron, zereshk polo, and gaz.




I also did some research on fashion, art, and architecture in Iran.

  1. The southern people’s custom which is similar to some Arab costumes, such as burqas and fabrics for hijabs. Also, the long hijab (chador) which is very common in the country.
  2. The Persian rugs.
  3. Islamic tiles of different mosques and blue tiles of pools.




In progress…


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