Deconstruction – Week 4

3D handmaids:

We were planning to cover the front of the pillar with 3D handmaids (omg what was wrong with us!) because it would create a better chaos. However, we decided to draw them 2D because it’s nearly impossible for all those handmaids in 3D. However, we planned to have 3D sculptures at the bottom which I will explain later on.

Digital Drawings:




We have the pillar as a symbol of support since its the support of a building. So we decided to make more changes to the installation. Instead of having a wall, we thought of having the commander represented as Jesus (using his pose and halo) and have Serena as Mary. All the other figures including Serena and handmaids will be presented as those who support the commander. At the back of the pillar, we will have hands praising the baby since babies play a very important role.


We tried printing the sketch for this idea and see how it would look like as a pillar.


Later on, we decided to add hands at the bottom of the pillar. The hands will represent aunts and they would pull down the handmaids since the handmaids are kind of prisoners and there is pressure on them. going to the other side of the pillar we will gradually add praying hands and in the middle, there will be a big hand holding a baby. the reason for this gradual change is that there is pressure on handmaids however they are the hope for the aunts and wives and commanders to bring children for them. So the praying hands represent the respect for the pregnant handmaid and the baby.



Since the Eyes play a very important role in the tv show we decided to have a representation of them as well. We decided to have 12 2D eyes to present the idea that they watch everybody in the whole year (12 months of a year). We also added 6 3D eyes to again emphasize that they watch everybody 7 days a week. The reason we made some of the eyes 3D is to emphasize the importance of them and also give the viewer a feeling that they are being watched as well.


We started with organizing the final file. At first, We had the commander at the top in his area (black background) but we decided to make him bigger and move them down because he is the one who rules everybody. We added the baby and the praying hands as well. however, we decided to add more praying hands and more importantly move the baby to the top at the same level as the commanders and basically higher than the wife. The reason is that babies are very important and they are very appreciated in this system.


We were planning to print the final drawing as tiles on A1 papers. Tiling the papers were hell!W 🙂 But we were very precise and we tiled them perfectly and it wouldn’t even show that they are not one whole piece. we were planning to put row at a time. but unfortunately, we realized that the whole paper is bigger than what we measured because the canvas that I used to print was bigger. 🙂

We had a few plans for this. One of the plans was making shapes like donut out of cardboard and make them bigger and have them on the pillar so it will adjust to the size we have. but we didn’t go with this idea because it was time-consuming. So we decided to cut the sides of the papers where they are empty.

We measured and we realized that it’s not enough. so we decided to go over the hand of the commander and also some of the praying hands and remove the background. We were expecting that since the backgrounds are the same they could all blend and it wouldn’t really show. this trick worked and we started sticking the layers from the bottom.

When we stuck half of the layers, we measured again and we realized that the height of the tiles are also bigger than what we expected. so we basically had to remove one and a half of an A1 paper to be able to fit the tiles on the pillar. it was a very hard decision to make because we had to get rid of the commanders head and also his outfit (which helps us notice that there is a man standing). However, since we had the idea of faceless people, removing the commanders head wouldn’t ruin our ideas. After putting them up we decided to try and have the commanders face on the ceiling but it looked so ugly that we forgot to even take a pic of it 🙂


Other than having flat images on the pillar, we also planned to have 3D sculptures of handmaids walking against the pillar. As I said the pillar is a symbol of supporting the commanders. By making these sculptures we are showing the group of handmaids that go against this system. some of the handmaids are like zombies (half of their body showing only) and there is blood around them which shows how it’s hard to go against this system. We used vinyl for the surface we put the blood on. We used soya sauce and food coloring for the blood.



This project was a great start deconstructing ideas and meanings. We worked very well together as a group and we could communicate very well in terms of managing the work and the ideas. We spent a long time (almost the whole 4 weeks) doing research and developing the idea of our work. However, we could finish on time and the work was successful.

I think it was very important that as a group we could communicate well because in the end when we kept failing, we could still work, do our best and not give up. This project also reminded me again that time management is very important.






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