Design Across Divide

Sexual assault and dress code The topic I chose for the project, Design Across Divide, was the dress code in Iran. In my video, I have mentioned how women in Iran are not allowed to choose their own outfit and they might get arrested by moral polices. My partners topic was sexual assault. In her video, … More Design Across Divide

Comic – Week 4

 Illustrations: Cover: I used a picture of the girl in my comic on my book cover because the story is about she is the main character. the inside was white at first so I decided to put a dark color without any design because the comic already has too many details and I wanted to viewer … More Comic – Week 4

Comic – Week 3

I continued drawing and I realized that its very time consuming, especially because my drawings are very detailed. Im dying! I finished the first page of my comic and so far im happy with it. what im trying to continue doing is that I want to draw the main figures/objects in color and make them … More Comic – Week 3

Comic – Week 2

I made a prototype for the comic and I started drawing my ideas and present it more clear for the next class.   Through making this prototype I came to realize that I have to keep in mind that for the final comic I have to be careful with the order of the pages and choose … More Comic – Week 2